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20 Customer Onboarding Software to Help You Boost Early Retention

This article will be talking about the top customer onboarding software that will help you achieve user engagement through great customer education, understanding of user behavior, and an onboarding process that follows a phenomenal product experience.
User Onboarding
Written by
Suay Çakırca
Published on
February 22, 2023

Customer onboarding is the first critical step of the customer journey that sheds light upon the relationship between your customers and the service you have to offer. It’s all about guaranteeing that your customer become capable of seeing the value in your product, so they turn into loyal, long-lasting, and happy clients.

Having stressed the importance of the process, this article will be talking about the top customer onboarding software that will help you achieve user engagement through great customer education, understanding of user behavior, and an onboarding process that follows a phenomenal product experience.

Let’s get to know these amazing tools and take a closer look at their benefits, key features, and basic pricing information. 

1- GuideCX

GuideCX is the software you need if you're part of an organization that has plenty of processes with numerous tracking mechanisms. This software is a client onboarding project implantation platform that provides you with detailed insights and crystal clear visibility into your customers' journey. You'll be able to guide your clients through each step and enable them to stay updated with automated tasks, notifications, and reminders.

GuideCX Best Features

  • Detailed analytics
  • Unlimited guest invites
  • Team scheduling 
  • Email automation


GuideCX Pricing

You can reach out to the platform via the contact form on their website to come up with custom pricing, but here's a screenshot of the other plans that are provided, anyway.


2- Appcues

Appcues is a user onboarding tool that lets you come up with interactive onboarding experiences, and is a name that's among the first ones to do it. With this no-code onboarding product the platform offers, the users become capable of using many features including great onboarding checklists and tooltips instantly. Even though it's considered a bit pricy by many users, it's still one of the greatest options.

Appcues Best Features

  • Flows
  • NPS
  • Checklists
  • Events Explorer


Appcues Pricing

Appcues has 3 pricing plans:

  • The Essentials Package starts at $249/month when billed annually with 2500 MAU.
  • The Growth Package starts at $879/month when billed annually, again at 2500 MAU.
  • The Enterprise Package doesn’t have a set pricing, you need to get a custom quotation.


3- Jotform

Jotform  is an online form builder that lets you come up with all kinds of custom forms, including everything from registration forms to emails and PDFs! All are available without a single code written. With a smart drag-and-drop user interface, the platform becomes super easy to use and makes it effortless to build forms with a dozen of features and templates. 


Jotform Best Features

  • Online forms
  • Advanced sharing options
  • Drag & drop app builder
  • color schemes and layouts


Jotform Pricing

Jotform comes with three different plans; Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

The Bronze Pricing Plan:$24/month with 25 forms and 1.000 monthly submissions 

The Silver Pricing Plan: $29/month with 100 forms and 10.000 monthly submissions 

The Gold Plan: $79/month with unlimited forms and 100.000 monthly submissions 


4- UserGuiding

UserGuiding offers an onboarding software that helps you build amazing onboarding flows through which you can guide your clients during the whole process with the help of an interactive walkthrough, product tours, tooltips, hotspots, and many more. The platform primarily helps you step up your Client Onboarding process by providing you with advanced features to implement. All without a single code.


UserGuiding Best Features

  • Interactive product tours
  • Hotspots
  • Tooltips
  • Onboarding checklists


UserGuiding Pricing

  • 14-day free trial (no credit card required)
  • Basic Plan: $69/month when billed annually for up to 2500 MAU
  • Professional Plan: $299/month when billed annually for up to 20000 MAU with unlimited guides
  • Custom Quotation Available for Larger Companies


5- Typeform

Similar to Jotform, Typeform is a very sophisticated customer survey and feedback collection software that you can use to have a better idea about the opinions and valuable feedback of your customer base right after the release of a new specific feature or just any time you need it. With tons of templates, apps, integration, and use cases, Typeform manages to easily become one of the fan favorites.

Typeform Best Features

  • Unlimited forms and surveys
  • Templates and integration availabilities
  • Data export options


Typeform Pricing

Basic – $25/month (billed annually)

Plus – $50/month (billed annually)

Business – $83/month (billed annually)

Typeform has three separate plans, which are Basic, Plus, and Business.

The Basic plan is for 25 USD per month with up to 100 responses, while the Plus plan is for double price and with 1.000 responses per month.

The Business plan is 83 USD per month with 10.000 responses per month.


6- SurveySparrow

Another great survey tool I've decided to add to my list is, SurveySparrow.

This tool lets all sizes of businesses create and share fun in-app surveys through numerous channels and comes with built-in automation, making it all much easier. With a chat-like experience, SurveySparrow offers an engaging feedback collection process. You can also choose the survey type you like - classic, chat, NPS, 360 degree, or offline surveys.


SurveySparrow Best Features

  • Actionable insights
  • Customer journey map
  • Executive dashboard

SurveySparrow Pricing

The tool offers a free version in which you can create up to 10 questions and receive up to 100 responses per month.

Nonetheless, if you wish to go for more advanced features, there are paid plans that you can choose from starting at 19 dollars per month.


7- WalkMe

WalkMe is a digital adoption software that lets you experience an effortless, seamless customer onboarding process by giving you the opportunity to build on-screen tutorials that help your clients through each and every step of getting familiar with your services. With the help of personalized and most fun onboarding elements, Walkme manages to simplify the whole customer experience, increase customer retention rates and encourage customer engagement.


WalkMe Best Features

  • AB Testing
  • Activity Dashboard
  • API
  • Asset Library


WalkMe Pricing

With WalkMe, you can customize your own plan, including and excluding the features you wish, and your pricing will shape according to your preferences. 

This customer onboarding platform also offers a Basic Plan in which you have access to basic online support, three walk-throughs, and 300 assists per month; the pricing information is not available until you fill in the registration form but according to Nickelled, WalkMe costs around $2.40-$2.50 per user per month.


8- Stepshot

Stepshot is an application that lets you build amazing tutorials with great ease and with just a few clicks. The software, at its core, is a tool that captures moments on the screen and then offers a visual experience through which users can follow different steps. With a single mouse click, you can take screenshots, add titles and descriptions to them, and convert them into PDF, Word, and more. 

Stepshot Best Features

  • Single screenshot capturing
  • Image annotating
  •  Ease of use while exporting to PDF
  • Compatibility with Windows and Mac


Stepshot Pricing

  • Free trial available (no credit card required)
  • SaaS version not available, free to use on desktop.



9- Whatfix

Whatfix is a brilliant user adoption tool that offers many advanced features like automated and condition-based walkthroughs, advanced and automatic targeting, and comprehensive analytics. This platform primarily provides in-app guidance and in-depth support for many web apps and software products - making it seamless for you to measure digital transformations while increasing customer engagement and loyalty as a result!

Whatfix Best Features

  • Automatic Targeting
  • Condition-Based Walkthroughs
  • Simple Analytics


Whatfix Pricing

Custom quote pricing model

10- Pendo

Pendo is a great product analytics application primarily designed to enable software businesses to create products that speak to customer needs and expectations. With the help of in-app walkthroughs, guides, and custom app messaging, the platform offers a seamless experience that guarantees overall client understanding and appreciation of the product that's on the table.


Pendo Best Features

  • In-app walkthroughs
  • Guides
  • Custom messaging 


Pendo Pricing

Pendo offers four separate plans that you can choose from according to your needs and expectations.

You can get started for free with up to 1,000 monthly active users. Or you can go for the plans ”Team”, ‘‘Pro” or ”Enterprise”. Here’s what they all include:

11- Stonly

Stonly is a self-serve support and client onboarding software that provides fun and engaging interactive guides for your product. With the help of it, you can build Help Centers and Knowledge Bases and make them more fun and appealing than ever. The platform offers you step-by-step educational guides in which you can add visuals to create better illustrations, as well as tooltips and hotspots.

Stonly Best Features

  • Permission management
  • Perfomance monitoring
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Knowledge Base 


Stonly Pricing

Stonly has 4 pricing tiers at the moment:

  • Basic(Free Forever) Plan: Free forever with 1000 monthly guide views and 5 guides, with advertisements from Stonly.
  • Starter Plan: $61/month with 2500 monthly guide views, 30 guides, and access to core features.
  • Business Plan: $124/month with 4000 monthly guide views, unlimited guides, and additional VIP features.
  • Custom Enterprise Plans: Additional Enterprise features with increased usage limits, but you need to contact Stonly for a custom quote.

12- Walnut

Walnut is an interactive product demo tool that creates an ease of use for your remote sales processes. It's a no-code solution that lets you customize, manage, and optimize your whole sales demos with the help of an amazing UI, and customized and seamless experiences. By using Walnut, your customer success team can help increase conversion rate while gathering actionable feedback to make improvements.

Walnut Best Features

  • Behavior Tracking
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Customizable Templates
  • Usage Tracking


Walnut Pricing

Walnut doesn’t provide a fixed price. However, you can contact their sales team to get a custom quote according to your needs.

Walnut gives custom quotations according to your needs and doesn’t have fixed pricing plans.

13- Crumble

Crumble is a simple yet effective platform that enables you to create engaging speech bubbles on your website to demonstrate and inform the visitor about the product's functionality and key features/benefits. For simple products or single-page sites, Crumble can turn out to be super useful since it's easy to use and implement. It also comes free to use and takes much less time to master.

Crumble Best Features

  • Visually appealing bubbles 
  • Feature tours 


Crumble Pricing

Crumble is free to use.


14- Candu 

Candu is a drag-and-drop no-code user interface editor that enables designers to build seamless app experiences with great ease. With a smart dashboard, Candu lets you pick UX patterns to add to your products and just play around with it making all kinds of customizations. Users are also provided with many design settings and related analytics along the way.  

Candu Best Features

  • Event-driven checklist
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • Analytics and dashboard
  • Event-tracking


Candu Pricing

Candu offers a free trial and a free version that is quite similar to their paid option.

  • Personal – free (maximum 1,000 MAUs)
  • Start – $49/month/1,000 MAUs (maximum 10,000 MAUs)
  • Enterprise – custom (unlimited MAUs)


15- Helppier

Helppier is one of the most brilliant customer onboarding tools that lets you create in-app messages, product tours, and NPS surveys. This platform's primary qualifications are its customization and ready-to-go templates. Being able to choose from numerous templates that are available for different use cases, Helppier users are provided with a great variety of opportunities. 

Helppier dashboard


Helppier Best Features

  • Product tours
  • Contextual tooltips
  • Integrating knowledge bases
  • Performance tracking


Helppier Pricing

  • Free Trial available for 14 days, no credit card information required.
  • Standard plan: $39/month for up to 1000 MAU$99/month for up to 10.000 MAU2 months for free if paid annually.
  • Tailor-made plan: custom-made plan, talk to sales for a price.

16- Product Fruits 

Product Fruits is a no-code user adoption tool primarily designed for web-based apps. It's a brilliant platform that lets you onboard your users and teach them how to appreciate your product to the fullest. With key features like hotspots, tooltips, feedback and NPS surveys, and interactive product tours, Product Fruits manages to create an educational environment for your users.

Product Fruits Best Features

  • Product tours
  • Hints (hotspots and tooltips)
  • In-app announcements
  • Feedback and NPS surveys


Product Fruits Pricing

  • Growing Plan 1: $59/month on annual payment, up to 1.500 users/month
  • Growing Plan 2: $159/month on annual payment, up to 5.000 users/month
  • Growing Plan 3: $259/month on annual payment, up to 10.000 users/month
  • Growing Plan 4: $359/month on annual payment, up to 20.000 users/month
  • Growing Plan 5: $459/month on annual payment, up to 50.000 users/month
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom quote


17- Hopscotch

Hopscotch is a great onboarding tool that specializes in keeping your users focused and guiding them to the ''Aha!'' moments that eventually and naturally lead to conversions. With the help of numerous key features like interactive product tours, customer segments, tooltips, in-app messages and a dozen of customization opportunities, you product team can educate your users about the product and let them become successful and long-time clients.

Hopscotch Best Features 

  • Interactive product tours
  • Tooltips
  • In-app messages
  • Segmentation


Hopscotch Pricing

  • Starter $99/month with up to 3,000 monthly users
  • Growth $249/month with up to 20,000 monthly users
  • Enterprise - customized usage & plans


18- Userlane

Userlane is a user training software that enables you to guide and support new users, reduce manual support and churn rate, increase product adoption, and enhance personalized experiences as a natural consequence! All that with great ease and swiftness. This tool is considered one of the fastest ways possible to provide instant help in any software - making any process easy to master. 


Userlane Best Features

  • Interactive Product Walkthroughs
  • Simple Analytics


Userlane Pricing

Custom quote pricing model

19- Simpo 

Simpo is a user onboarding product that can be used by many teams including sales, marketing, customer support, and customer service. With Simpo, you can build and enhance your in-app announcements, NPS and feedback surveys, product walkthroughs, and knowledge base articles - all of which are critical in improving the first time interaction between your services and your users. 

Simpo Best Features

  • Activity Dashboard
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Asynchronous Learning
  • Audience Targeting
  • Content Creation


Simpo Pricing

Simpo has 3 pricing levels:

  • They offer a 14-day free trial,
  • The Starter Package starts from $250/month, with no clear MAU limit,
  • The Pro Package is $250/month, again, with no clear MAU limit,
  • The Enterprise plan doesn’t have a set pricing, and you need to contact their sales deptarment for pricing information.


20- Pageguide.js

PageGuide is an interactive for web page elements that works through using jQuery and CSS3. The tool offers developers and teams the capability of seamlessly creating product tours since it's a part of a solid library that's primarily used by many current product owners for the purpose of educating and guiding users.


Pageguide.js Best Features

  • Product Tour creation library


Pageguide.js Pricing

Free of charge

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