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Suay Çakırca

Suay is a creative content writer focusing on UX design, growth, and product with a main focus on onboarding.

Virtual Onboarding 101 - Definition, Best Practices, Examples

In today’s article, we aim to educate users about virtual onboarding in general, exploring its definition, highlighting its benefits, discussing best practices, and providing examples of effective virtual onboarding programs.

What Is First-Time User Experience? - FTUE and User Onboarding Explained

This article aims to educate the user about what FTUE is and why it's important. We will explore various aspects of FTUE, provide examples, and discuss strategies to enhance the first-time user experience.

B2B User Onboarding: Best Practices for Long-term Customer Retention

In this article, we'll explore the best practices for onboarding B2B users with a focus on long-term customer retention. We'll offer actionable tips and strategies, backed by real-life examples, to help readers optimize their onboarding process for B2B clients.

Onboarding UX Writing - 10 microcopy examples from top onboarding flows

In this article, we'll explore the different ways of onboarding microcopy, best practices for writing effective microcopy, and the potential risks and challenges of relying on microcopy.

Time-to-Value: the #1 metric to focus on for reducing customer onboarding time

In this article, we will discuss why you should reduce your customer onboarding time, what time-to-value is, and how you can start out with it.

10 Effective Ways to Improve Your UX Onboarding

In this article, you'll learn all about UX onboarding and why it is so critical to get everything right while coming up with a valuable product along with solid services. You'll also read about some of the most effective ways to improve your user journey and turn it into an extraordinary product experience that helps users thoroughly. 

Contextual Onboarding - definition, examples, guidelines

This article is here to talk about this special type of onboarding, give a proper definition of it, show examples, and hopefully make you appreciate it well enough to get you started with this world-class onboarding experience as well.

15 Best User Onboarding Software to Improve User Experience

This article aims to list the best user onboarding tools that will help you obtain user satisfaction through a great user onboarding process. Let’s get to know these powerful tools and take a closer look at their benefits, their wide variety of features, and pricing.

20 Customer Onboarding Software to Help You Boost Early Retention

This article will be talking about the top customer onboarding software that will help you achieve user engagement through great customer education, understanding of user behavior, and an onboarding process that follows a phenomenal product experience.

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