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User Onboarding


15 Best User Onboarding Software to Improve User Experience

User onboarding is the first essential step of the user journey that defines the relationship between your users and the service you offer. It’s all about making sure that your users become capable of making the most of your product, so they turn into loyal, long-lasting, and happy customers. It's basically the primary goal of user onboarding.

20 Customer Onboarding Software to Help You Boost Early Retention

Customer onboarding is the first critical step of the customer journey that sheds light upon the relationship between your customers and the service you have to offer. It’s all about guaranteeing that your customer become capable of seeing the value in your product, so they turn into loyal, long-lasting, and happy clients.

Ways to Improve a User Onboarding - 14 best practices

Half of the people return a product when they don't understand how it works.Still, people tend to underestimate the power of a highly effective user onboarding process. This is mainly because creating a user onboarding flow is not difficult.In other words, they confuse easy with unimportant.But having simple product tours won't be enough.

What Is the Product Adoption Curve and How Is It Important?

In this article, I will dig deep into "The Product Adoption Curve" theory: What it is, how it was invented and how this theory can be used in SaaS.

What Are Tooltips in Web Design + 14 Examples to Set Yours Up

This article will explain what tooltips are, why they aren't liked and how to correct the bias against tooltips by comparing and examining great tooltip examples.

What Is Product Adoption and How Do You Increase It for Success

I will explain what product adoption is, why it is of high importance, the metrics to calculate it, and how to improve it in this article.

What Exactly is Software Product Onboarding and Why Should You Care?

Product onboarding is where you showcase your product or service to your users or customers.

5 Great (and Awful) User Onboarding Experiences to Set an Example

In this article, I'll go over a few user onboarding experiences to help inspire you for your next design. I'll start with the least-satisfying ones and go all the way to my all-time favorites.

What is Website Onboarding and How to Do It Right

In this article, I will explain successful onboarding is meant to show potential users and customers how your website will make their lives easier.

3 Steps to Efficiently Onboard New Users

Each journey is important when it comes to the SaaS business. However, one of them stands out a bit more due to its ability in turning users into customers: new user onboarding. 

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