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Whatfix is a product adoption platform that allows companies to design and track in-app experiences without having to know how to code. It can be used to increase product and feature acquisition, track user behavior and product usage at a foundational level, onboard new software users, and generate in-app surveys and notifications.

Featured Features

We have compiled all the features that Whatfix promises for you with details.
Product Walkthroughs
Interactive in-app tours that walk users through your product or a certain feature, to improve user training.
In-app Messages
Tooltips, hotspots, and announcement banners to improve feature adoption and user engagement.
In-app Surveys
NPS or short-form surveys to engage with your users and gather valuable feedback at the right time.
Interactive Checklists
Checklists can be used as help centers and checkpoints to track onboarding flow.
Product Usage Tracking
In-depth analytics of the performance of your interactive content and overall product usage.

Whatfix Pricing

Whatfix offers custom prices for each of its customers. You can contact Whatfix to learn the cost of your customized plan.
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Whatfix is good for

User Engagement:
The tool aims to increase user engagement without putting all the weight on the shoulders of the support team.

Many Features in One Product:
Userpilot offers almost all the necessary features that are essential for a smooth user onboarding and product adoption procedure.

Whatfix is bad for

Limited Customization:
The positioning and custom design options that Whatfix provides are not enough for such an advanced and expensive tool.

Above-Average Pricing:
Compared to user onboarding and feature adoption platform market average, Whatfix’s pricing is more expensive than most.

Steep Learning Curve:
Whatfix promises to be a no-code tool, but the options for non-technical people are limited and technical knowledge is crucial to benefit fully from the product.

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from Capterra

”Great Features but Limited Customization”

We would like the information inside the Whatfix platform to have different views, since they use very large boxes that take up a lot of space on the screen.

Iziar R.
from Capterra

”Amazing Customer Support”

Whatfix´s support team has been impressive, they have solved every doubt or inconvenience that we have presented throughout the process.

Iziar R.
from Capterra

”Not the Best Onboarding Tool”

The price is a little high compared to other similar tools. It has a huge lack of analytical features. Some features are not easy to configure.

Tim L.