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WalkMe is a DAP (Digital Adoption Platform) that ultimately promises to improve user experience, productivity and efficiency for employees and customers. While WalkMe has been on the market for more than a decade, the tool became an enterprise-oriented multi-functional tool - which also influenced the price of it.

Featured Features

We have compiled all the features that WalkMe promises for you with details.
Product Walkthroughs
Interactive in-app tours that walk users through your product or a certain feature, to improve user training.
Automated and Live Chat
Automated chat responses help your end-users get help easier and quicker.
In-app Surveys
NPS or short-form surveys to engage with your users and gather valuable feedback at the right time.
Product Usage Tracking
In-depth analytics of the performance of your interactive content and overall product usage.

WalkMe Pricing

WalkMe offers custom prices for each of its customers. You can contact WalkMe to learn the cost of your customized plan.
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WalkMe is good for

Enterprise-Level Use Cases:
WalkMe is an experienced company that has been developing for over a decade, and can be a good fit for enterprises that need personalized support and custom-made features/analytics.

Advanced Analytics:
WalkMe both provides detailed in-app analytics, and allows you to integrate various analytics tools for you to get the best out of the numbers.

WalkMe is bad for

Not For Small/Medium Businesses:
Many small to medium businesses report that they won’t be using WalkMe anymore for the amount of unnecessary features and the exceptionally high pricing.

Above-Average Pricing
Compared to user onboarding and feature adoption platform market average, WalkMe’s pricing is more expensive than most.

Steep Learning Curve:
WalkMe promises to be a no-code tool, but the options for non-technical people are limited and technical knowledge is crucial to benefit fully from the product.

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"Not a Good Fit for Small Businesses"

We are a single-page application, so we can't use all of the WalkMe tools. Most of our content needs an added layer of jquery segmentation - so you can't train just anyone to get the job done.

Ruth G.
from G2

"Great Range of Use Cases"

I like the range of options WalkMe offers for its clients. These include CRM, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, etc., powerful tools for multiple applications.

Adnan A.
from G2

"Improvements Can Be Done"

As powerful as funnels could measure metrics, a website needs to be very specific to the steps. If a screen has more than one purpose, this inflates numbers, and your reporting is inaccurate.

Adrian M.