Zoom’s in-app slideout modal feels exclusive

Zoom’s in-app slideout modal feels exclusive

The Zoom desktop app prompts an exclusive campaign modal in the form of a slideout modal.

Zoom uses a slideout modal to promote its exclusive pricing inside the app. The copy isn’t too long, the formatting is clear, and the CTA is powerful enough to get users to check out the deal. The in-app experience is also not disrupted, but the deal still feels exclusive.

zoom campaign modal

Why it’s great:

Non-disruptive modal - The modal being small and a slideout one, users are hardly disrupted in their tasks with the Zoom app and can close the modal immediately.

Short and concise copy - The slideout modal features short copy that doesn’t stain the eye with too much formatting, and the CTA being clear makes it more likely that users will check out the deal.

Exclusive in-app feel - Since the offer is prompted in-app, users can get the impression that the deal is specifically and exclusively for them, making it, again, more likely for them to check it out.