Zoho Onboards to New Feature Uniquely

Zoho Onboards to New Feature Uniquely

Zoho's unique onboarding widget offers different ways of getting onboarded to Zoho's new feature, guided communications.

Zoho uses a novelty widget in introducing its new feature, guided communications. The widget features an onboarding video, a button to access the feature directly, and another feature for an interactive guide.

zoho onboarding widget
zoho user onboarding widget
zoho new feature onboarding widget

Why it’s great:

Unique onboarding - Using a unique onboarding widget designed specifically for the task of onboarding gives Zoho the edge in getting their users’ attention and increasing completion rates.

Video onboarding - Utilizing videos in onboarding users gives Zoho the opportunity to offer visual content that will keep users engaged more easily.

Different options - Since Zoho uses a button for video onboarding, another for an interactive guide, and another for directly viewing the feature, users feel cared for.