YAZIO app celebrates first step into onboarding

YAZIO app celebrates first step into onboarding

YAZIO prompts users with an interactive onboarding and a celebratory message at the end.

The YAZIO app for dieting and fasting launches its onboarding process with an interactive onboarding flow that starts with a welcome message and continues as users are directed inside different parts of the app using different functions interactively. At the end, a celebration modal is prompted.

yazio app interactive onboarding

Why it's great:

Interactive - YAZIO uses an interactive onboarding flow to make sure users gain muscle memory by actually doing the app tasks hands on.

Good copy - While there is no progress bar or any other progress indicator during the initial onboarding, the good, concise copy makes up for it by being friendly and relatable.

Encouraging - The copy, design, and the overall onboarding of the app is friendly enough, but the addition of a celebration at the end of a milestone in the onboarding makes the flow even more memorable and the app more likable.