VSCO’s campaign modal pitches the cool new features first

VSCO’s campaign modal pitches the cool new features first

The VSCO app uses a series of slideout modals to get users to sign up for the premium version.

Before VSCO prompts a modal with a CTA for users to try the premium version, the users are prompted with two slideout modals that introduce premium features first. Finally, at the third slideout modal, the “try membership” button appears.

vsco campaign modal
vsco slideout modal
campaign banner vsco

Why it’s great:

Visuals - Fitting to a photography app, VSCO displays cool photography with the modals to make sure to draw attention and display the capabilities of the said features.

Hype-building - By making the promotion modal a three-part one, VSCO gets unassuming users hyped up about the said features and then offers a way for them to get them.

Good timing - The modal is prompted right before the users start using the edit studio where the features mentioned are available; by prompting the promotional modal right before, the app makes it more conventional for users.