UserGuiding’s product tour is to the point - and on point

UserGuiding’s product tour is to the point - and on point

UserGuiding's contextual product tour ends with a video.

UserGuiding uses a product tour of 5 steps in introducing its different functionalities. The features are showcased individually when users interact with them, as in this example with the resource center. The tour is also interactive with clicks and drop-down menus. The experience comes to a finish with a full-screen modal featuring a YouTube video where users can learn more without leaving the platform.

userguiding contextual onboarding

Why it’s great:

Short and concise - The product tour being 5 steps and featuring short-form copy makes it more attractive for a user trying to learn quickly.

Contextual - Because each onboarding sequence takes place at a given time and at its allocated place, users get to roam around and learn when they need to with UserGuiding.

Further resources - The product tour shows users a YouTube video at the end, which might still go unwatched, but it still stands as an offer of further resources that help users understand that they are well-provided with help and whatever they need in learning.