Upwork’s Quick Tour really is quick

Upwork’s Quick Tour really is quick

Upwork uses a 3-step quick tour to walk through contract details.

Upon visiting profiles on Upwork, the platform prompts a modal that asks whether you would like to take a quick tour of making a contract and specific details of the process. When the “take a quick tour” option is clicked, a 3-step product tour is initiated.

upwork tour modal
upwork product tour

Why it’s great:

Cool design - The modal that is initially prompted features a cool visual to grab attention and avoid instant skipping. The shape of the tooltips as well as their minimalistic design contribute to higher tour completion.

Good copy - The modal copy, the microcopy on modal buttons, as well as the tooltip copy are written with primary value in mind. 

Progress bar - The mere existence of a progress bar does all the difference, but when it is also in a complementary but attention-grabbing color, it goes a step further.