Tumblr’s feedback survey is fun and friendly

Tumblr’s feedback survey is fun and friendly

Tumblr's user feedback surveys looks cool and read fun.

The classic happy-neutral-sad faces for feedback are used by Tumblr in their user feedback survey on the mobile app. Each reply prompts another response from the app, and the copy is quite fun.

tumblr feedback survey
tumblr survey

Why it’s great:

Fun copy - As expected of Tumblr, the copy is funny and relatable which gets users to sympathize with the app and comply easier.

Skip option - The skip option is a must-have for any survey and Tumblr makes sure to put a go-back button and a “no thanks” button on both pages.

Clever follow-up buttons - While the neutral and sad buttons prompt a “send feedback” button, only the happy button prompts a “rate the app” button, which is a clever way of getting mostly positive ratings at the store.