Spotify’s Wrapped carousel is colorful and fun‍

Spotify’s Wrapped carousel is colorful and fun‍

Spotify uses a carousel type of onboarding to onboard users to its new integration with Snapchat for Spotify Wrapped.

After Spotify Wrapped has been released, Spotify later released a feature to integrate Wrapped with Spotify as a filter. In onboarding users to the integration, Spotify uses a colorful app carousel picturing each step to use the integration.

spotify carousel onboarding

Why it’s great:

Colorful design - The colorful design of the carousel makes it easier to engage and matches Spotify’s brand perfectly.

Good CTA - The “try it out” call-to-action is a cool one that gets users to engage with the integration more.

Skip button - The skip button being clearly visible but not as prominent as the main CTA button is a great design as it manipulates visual hierarchy while still giving users a clear way out.