Spotify takes every chance to showcase features 

Spotify takes every chance to showcase features 

Spotify's feature promotion modal is well-designed and takes advantage of annual events for better promotion.

Spotify prompts users with a feature promotion modal on its app on valentine’s day, promoting its most recent feature, Blends. The CTA “Blend Now” takes users to a new screen where they can find out more about it and invite another user to the Blend.

spotify feature promotion

Why it’s great:

Good use of events for promotion - Spotify takes the chance to promote its already existing feature Blend during Valentine’s day, which is the perfect time for using Blend.

Cool design - The modal has a nice color scheme as well as a heart icon, keeping the modal minimalist in Spotify’s signature style.

Good sectioning of further info - Because the modal is designed to appear as minimalistic, further info about it is featured in the next screen after the CTA button is pressed.