Slack’s new feature tooltip is not too intrusive

Slack’s new feature tooltip is not too intrusive

Slack's new function for its Huddle feature is introduced using a tooltip and a slideout modal.

Slack introduces a new function for its huddle feature using a tiny tooltip prompted when the users are in a huddle on mobile. The tooltip is very small but it is also attnetion grabbing. When tapped, a slideout modal is prompted feautring a gif and very short copy.

slack huddle tooltip

Why it’s great:

Non-disruptive - Thanks to the first tooltip being so small and it requiring no interaction, the onboarding to the new function is non-disruptive as can be.

Good formatting - The formatting with bold and the addition of an emoji helps grab the attention of the user while still keeping its non-disruptive status.

Good use of visuals - By using a gif, Slack’s slideout makes sure to demonstrate how the function works in a matter of seconds after grabbing attention in a not-so-annoying way.