Proton VPN’s Signup Modal onboards quickly

Proton VPN’s Signup Modal onboards quickly

ProtonVPN does a great job onboarding first-time users.

With a welcome modal, three simple steps to explain the app, and an actionable CTA, Proton VPN gets users to understand the use case quickly and painlessly. The copy is intentionally kept short, a progress bar is present, and the process is supported with fun images.

protonvpn signup
proton vpn signup
signup flow protonvpn
sign up flow protonvpn
sign up flow proton vpn

Why it’s great:

Welcoming - A welcome modal is always important but often forgotten. Proton VPN does a good job of welcoming its users first.

Short and concise with progress bar - The copy, the signup sequence, and the overall experience is short but concise, and it is well-indicated with a progress bar.

Fun visuals - The visuals make all the difference in making the signup more engaging, easier to understand, and even fun.