PlayStation App’s empty state features a gif‍

PlayStation App’s empty state features a gif‍

The PS app utilizes gifs in bringing empty states to life and better onboarding users with visuals.

The PlayStation app uses a gif to make the empty state on the game library section of the app a little more engaging and easier to use. It can also be considered a full-screen modal since there are call-to-action buttons.

playstation app empty state onboarding

Why it’s great:

Great use of gifs - By not only using a visual but a gif, the empty state is brought to life and is way more engaging for users who would otherwise skip it without reading. 

Good CTA & skip button - The design of the CTA button makes it appear more prominently and get users to choose the CTA instead of the skip button, while the skip button’s microcopy conditions users to believe that they will do it later if not now so it is best to get it over with.