Notion’s survey slideout is honest about the time

Notion’s survey slideout is honest about the time

Notion's survey slideout takes 20 seconds to fill and is low-friction.

Notion prompts a 20-second survey in-app that is quite honest about what it entails if the users opt to take the survey. Users can either skip from the skip button or the close button, but if they choose to take the survey, they are then prompted with 4 different questions that do actually take no longer than 20 seconds. 

notion survey modal
survey modal notion

Why it’s great:

Non-disruptive - Thanks to the nature of the slideout modal, Notion offers its users a very non-disruptive experience when it comes to surveys.

Honest and user-friendly buttons - Notion uniquely uses a piece of microcopy on its survey prompt button that says “take the 20 second survey”, getting users to be more willing to take a shot.

Short and concise copy - Both in the initial tooltip and in the second one with the questions, Notion makes sure to keep it short and concise to not only actually take no more than 20 seconds but also to get users to read through properly.