Notion’s initial onboarding is the OCD dream

Notion’s initial onboarding is the OCD dream

Notion uses a hybrid checklist of its own kind in onboarding new users.

Instead of going with the traditional user manuals or the now-popular interactive guides, Notion uses a hybrid of its own kind, very fitting its user experience and interface. Presenting the basics of the tool in a checklist format, Notion sticks to its minimalism guns while also keeping it interactive and fun.

Why it’s great:

Simple yet informative - Notion keeps it simple to guarantee it can get through to all segments of users, however, it is still informative enough to make the first few sessions practical until the users get the hang of the tool.

Unique and fitting for the brand - As is expected from Notion, the user onboarding process is a unique one, in a good way. It is simple, fun, and minimal, just lik Notion itself. And it is those brands that have a unique voice and vision that get to be the leaders on the market.

Easier to keep track of - Though new user onboarding experiences are getting better and better by the day, they can be hard to keep track of, and most often they are a one-time user experience. Notion’s onboarding, on the other hand, stays right there unless you delete it yourself.