Notion’s initial onboarding keeps it nice and short

Notion’s initial onboarding keeps it nice and short

Notion's app prompots users with a short onboarding sequence.

When downloading the mobile version of the Notion app, users are prompted with a four-step onboarding process to set them straight before their experience with the tool. The guide gives users some essential tips like how to reorder content, organize workspaces, and share work across platforms.

Why it’s great:

Actually helpful - Unlike other apps or online tools, Notion shares information on functionalities of the application that are actually used widely and frequently. This helps users make a quick start.

Short and precise - Fitting Notion’s minimalistic vision, the initial setup guide is made up of 4 simple steps that feature one or two simple sentences people can actually read and understand.

Media support - While the Notion guide keeps it easy and smooth, it also aids users with visuals, specifically gifs, to make sure the functionalities are understood and can be used right away.