Moodle’s new feature onboarding is to the point

Moodle’s new feature onboarding is to the point

Moodle introduces its new UI design with tooltips.

Moodle, one of the most popular learning management systems, onboards its users to its newest feature using a three-step feature tour. Though there is no progress bar or progress indicator in sight, the conciseness of the sequence doesn’t lead users to expect one. There is also a display modal that takes place on top of the UI to point to a motion control function.

moodle new feature tour
new feature tour moodle
new feature onboarding moodle

Why it’s great:

Short and concise - The tour is not only short with three steps but it is also concise with short and to-the-point copy.

Background dimming - Though background dimming is a common practice, it is also an underrated one since the lack of it can make the actual UI and the overlay elements look like a mess.

Good use of contextual overlay modal - Contextual overlay modals aren’t very popular, but when it is an app that requires a certain motion on a touch screen, the use of an overlay modal is ideal.