Miro’s slideout modal introduces a third way out

Miro’s slideout modal introduces a third way out

miro introduces its new UI through onboarding UX elements

After changing their UI, Miro introduces the new user interface using a slideout modal that leads to a four-step tour around the new UI or to the help center for users who would rather go with a user manual. The modal itself has a gif to visualize the changes better.

Why it’s great:

Not too disrutpive - Thanks to Miro opting for a slideout modal rather than a bigger, central announcement modal, the user experience is not disrupted more than necessary and everyone is guaranteed to notice the modal.

Visual support - With the gif that plays out on the modal, users are not only encouraged to take place in the guide but they also get to see some of the changes in action easily.

Offering an alternative method - Rather than the traditional skip or start in-app guide format, Miro introduces a button that takes users who would rather opt for it to the help center.