Letterboxd’s empty states feature a fun easter egg

Letterboxd’s empty states feature a fun easter egg

Letterboxd uses movie lines in its empty states and has a surprise for users who click on them.

Letterboxd normally uses little to no onboarding as it resembles other social platforms greatly. However, their empty states are an exception. The empty states read “no reviews”, followed by a movie line that hints at this state of lacking. More interestingly, when clicked on, the lines direct users to the movies they are from.

letterboxd empty states

letterboxd empty state easter egg

Why it’s great:

Good understanding of value - Letterboxd clearly shows that they understand what institutes their brand by using the niche of the app to offer value even at a time of error.

Turns problem into a solution - By turning the state of emptiness into something else, Letterboxd doesn’t let users get disappointed or distracted by an empty screen, instead they direct the user to something else, not breaking the value cycle.