Jira’s first-time feature use keeps it contextual

Jira’s first-time feature use keeps it contextual

Jira's onboarding element that appears in Jira's every day UI makes the onboarding process non-disruptive.

Jira uses a contextual onboarding element to let users know how to use the automation feature. The element is triggered when users click on the actions menu in a task and are displayed as a part of the dropdown menu to decrease user frustration.

jira contextual first time onboarding

Why it’s great:

Contextual - Because the onboarding element appears inside the default UI of Jira, users aren’t prompted with the experience until they prompt it where they need to see it, making it great for lowering user frustration. 

Visual - The onboarding element features a gif showing how the automation is created using the actions dropdown menu, making it easier to digest.

Good CTAs - Giving users the chance to either create an automation or see templates instead of closing the element makes it more attractive to users.