Intercom’s hotspot triggers a tooltip and a popup

Intercom’s hotspot triggers a tooltip and a popup

Intercom uses hotspots and popups to match with its widget element.

Intercom uses a beacon to show a hotspot message that features a “learn more here” link which then opens another screen on the Intercom widget. 

intercom hotspot

Why it’s great:

Good use of onboarding UX elements - Using hotspots and tooltips helps draw users’ attention more easily and can be non-disruptive or less- disruptive ways of in-app messaging.

Utilizing brand elements - The Intercom widget is a famously branded UI element, and Intercom using it to its advantage in every chance possible proves that they are aware of this fame.

Good copy and formatting - The copy on the hotspot and especially the triggered page are well-written and also well-formatted for users to read or skim without a hassle.