Impulse’s slideout modal teaches how to close ads

Impulse’s slideout modal teaches how to close ads

Impulse uses a slideout modal to teach users about how the ads work.

Impulse lets users know about the ads and how to close them in advance so that users unfamiliar with ads won’t get confused and leave the app. The modal also includes a depiction of the close button for ads to make sure users can successfully close them.

impulse slideout modal

Why it’s great:

Thoughtful - Not many apps show the courtesy of helping users navigate through unpleasant ads, and thus, Impulse’s modal is quite thoughtful from the users’ point of view.

Not too disruptive - Only covering half the screen, Impulse’s modal selection prevents disrupting the users’ experience.

Good copy - By choosing to point out the duration of the ads in the title, Impulse ensures that even the users who will quickly skip knows that ads are skippable after 5-10 seconds.