HubSpot’s step by step setup makes setup easier

HubSpot’s step by step setup makes setup easier

For their different features and functions, Hubspot provides quick feature tours that show you around the core elements in a couple of steps. They contain brief descriptions of the UI elements and UX features and are highly helpful for new users.

HubSpot’s hosting setup is done in 3 steps, and each step has its own directions to make the process even simpler.

hubspot feature tour

Why it’s great:

short and simple - HubSpot minimizes the setup process to only 3 steps which makes it less time-consuming and simpler for the users.

clear communication - although the setup is done in 3 steps, there are further instructions below to make sure everything goes smoothly for the user. What’s even better is that these instructions are also short and simple.

Skippable - If your hosting settings are already set or you simply want to skip, HubSpot lets you do so by taking you to your DNS records. This way, you aren’t naively skipping, you become aware of the records before doing so.