HubSpot’s tooltip onboards to a new feature

HubSpot’s tooltip onboards to a new feature

HubSpot's tooltip onboards to a new feature contextually on the app's contacts section.

HubSpot uses a tooltip to introduce its new feature to users, Overview Tab, which is in beta. The tooltip has a pulsing animation on the overview section of the contacts page.

hubspot new feature tooltip
hubspot new feature onboarding

Why it’s great:

Animated - HubSpot using an animated pulsing effect and dimmed background to get the attention of the users and helps ease user frustration and misunderstanding.

Good copy - The copy of the tooltip is concise and well-written while also giving a witty, fun vibe.

Cool CTA - The CTA button’s copy is perfect for a tooltip that appears in the middle of a task, as it is exactly what the users would say about a new feature being introduced mid-way through something else.