Google Sheets introduces new feature hands-on

Google Sheets introduces new feature hands-on

Google Sheets uses a slideout modal to introduce its new feature and adds a dummy experience to elevate learning.

Google Sheets prompts a slideout modal on the bottom right-hand side of the screen with a visual, and fun CTA buttons. When clicked on the “show me how” button, users are directed to a dummy sheet cell where they can try out the feature.

google sheets new feature onboarding experience

Why it’s great:

Right onboarding UX element used - A slideout modal is one of the less intrusive onboarding UX elements for new updates that might be crucial for some users while not too handy for others, and Google seems to know that.

Hands-on experience - Upon clicking the CTA button, users are shown a dummy example of the new feature and are left to play around with it, drastically easing the training for the users. 

✅ Good CTA - The CTA microcopy reading “show me how” and its alternative “got it” imply very positive responses to a somewhat disruptive element, conditioning the users to feel positive emotions, while also the “show me how” button suggests an eagerness to learn.