Google Meet’s tooltip introduces better user experience 

Google Meet’s tooltip introduces better user experience 

Google Meet uses a fun tooltip to let users know about their sound settings.

Google Meet’s tooltip informs users about a new function that filters out background sound picked up by the user’s microphone. The tooltip features a fun illustration and short-form copy alongside Google’s usual “got it” and “learn more” buttons.

google meet noise reduction tooltip

Why it’s great:

Right UX element - The new function of Google Meet being delivered through a tooltip is a good touch since the function is available through settings, which the tooltip points at while also being less disruptive than a full-screen element since the announcement is not too important.

Cool illustration - The illustration greatly depicts the value of the new function, making it more likely that even when a user doesn’t fully interact with the element, they get to get a sense of what’s new.

Good copy - The copy, and especially the heading of the tooltip makes the value of the new function very clear, similar to how the illustration functions.