Figma’s product walkthrough is thorough 

Figma’s product walkthrough is thorough 

Figma uses a long walkthrough to thoroughly explain how everything works in its editor UI.

Upon users choosing to start designing, Figma prompts a 10-step walkthrough. Though the walkthrough comes off as too long a process, the shortness of the copy and each step being supported with visuals, it feels like a breeze to go through.

figma product tour

Why it’s great:

Long process, short steps - Though the onboarding process is long, each step is short with concise copy, making the walkthrough easier to understand and put up with. 

Visuals - The gifs make the walkthrough more approachable and more understandable for visual learners.

Skip and “learn more” - The close button being a must, Figma also features a learn more button for the more intricate steps, making sure it gives the users the chance to go through a simple walkthrough while also being able to dive deeper.