Duolingo Premium’s onboarding screen is exciting

Duolingo Premium’s onboarding screen is exciting

Duolingo uses an onboarding screen for its Premium features' introduction.

Duolingo triggers a 5-step onboarding screen for users starting out with Duolingo Premium. The onboarding screen goes through the different functions and benefits Duolingo Premium offers to finally turn on the Super app icon, prompting a system window that asks for permission to turn on the new icon. 

duolingo premium onboarding screen

Why it’s great:

Clear value proposition - The onboarding screen quickly walks users through the main values of the premium version, once again reminding the users that it is worth the money.

Short and concise - Consisting of only 5 steps, the onboarding screen keeps it elegantly short with 4 copy steps and one action step.

Personalization - With the last step of the onboarding screen, users are given the option to switch their app icon to the Premium one, giving them a sense of exclusivity.