Daily Yoga App’s Signup flow aces user segmentation

Daily Yoga App’s Signup flow aces user segmentation

The Daily Yoga App features a 3-part signup process to start onboarding and segmenting users early on.

The Daily Yoga app does a great job onboarding first time users with a signup flow divided into 3 parts. The app prompts different questions for users to self-segment and keeps a progress bar to make sure users don’t feel lost through out the long process.

daily yoga app signup onboarding

Why it’s great:

Perfect UX - The signup flow has a perfectly designed UX featuring visuals, videos, gifs, drag and drop selection fields and more.

Exclusive feel - The user segmentation of the signup process exudes an exclusive feel featuring 3 different phases for the process, making it obvious that it is all for the users’ wellness.

Progress bar - The progress bar helps navigate through the 3 stages of the onboarding.