ChatGPT’s new feature modal is fun and explanatory

ChatGPT’s new feature modal is fun and explanatory

GPT-4 is introduced with a fun modal with a Matrix-esque look.

ChatGPT uses a modal to introduce its new model, GPT-4 with a cool futuristic gif and a quick look at what’s new. The CTA buttons read, “maybe later” and “try GPT-4”.

chatgpt onboarding

Why it’s great:

Cool look - The modal gives off a futuristic vibe with its dark tones and Matrix-esque gif, as expected of the most popular AI tool out there today.

Good copy & microcopy - The modal features an explanatory copy to help understand the new functions GPT-4 comes with while using CTAs that help get users excited.

Right UX element - The announcement of GPT-4 being through a full*screen modal is important since it is an advancement in the tool that no one would like to miss out on, and in this specific case, an onboarding element is not necessarily too disruptive due to the collective hype GPT-4 collected.