Capcut’s product tour is short and contextual

Capcut’s product tour is short and contextual

Capcut uses a short product tour inside the editing process to offer a hands-on experience.

Capcut uses unique tooltips with hotspot beacons attached at the end to walk users through the editing studio. The onboarding takes place hands-on and interactively, with users needing to try out each tooltip before moving on.

capcut product tour

Why it’s great:

Good design - The unique tooltips and the just right amount of dimming of the background makes Capcut’s onboarding design stand out.

Interactive experience - Since Capcut’s onboarding requires getting hands-on, it helps users fully comprehend what does what.

Contextual approach - Capcut uses a contextual approach in its onboarding process, touching upon important details when necessary and while user attention is on it.