Canva’s returning user modal is engaging and educating‍

Canva’s returning user modal is engaging and educating‍

Canva's returning user modal was designed to engage returning users fully and retain them this time around.

Canva uses a returning user modal for mobile users logging in on the app after a while. The modal features two CTA buttons, one of which leads users to continue an old design while the other gets them to try out something new.

canva returning user modal

Why it’s great:

Perfect for engagement - Returning user modals being perfect cases of user re-engagement; Canva does a great job satisfying users by making them feel remembered and getting their UX to be more personalized.

Good example of continuous onboarding - Displaying features of the Canva app on the returning user modal gets the user onboarding process to continue since a returning user might have forgotten the app's capabilities. 

Visual - Since the last design of the user is actually displayed, users get to remember what they have designed, and the possibility that they will revisit the design is increased.