Canva’s NPS survey asks all the right questions

Canva’s NPS survey asks all the right questions

Canva's mobile app prompts a fun-looking NPS survey.

After finishing a design on Canva, users are prompted with a NPS survey in which they can rate their confidence in designing with Canva and elaborate on the experience in an open form format.

canva nps survey

Why it’s great:

Celebratory feel - Canva congratulates users occasionally after they complete a design, which is, in fact, an important moment in the user onboarding process. Users thus not only see value in the product but also enjoy a moment of celebration of their skills.

Short range for scoring - Canva goes with a 5 point scoring in its NPS survey, which could be said to be ideal given that a 3 point one is too superficial and a wider range is confusing sometimes, with high rates of abandonment of the survey.

A chance to speak up - Canva lets users express themselves about their scoring, which is not only a moment for the users to give feedback but also a moment for Canva to take feedback and improve the tool.