Canva’s overlay tooltip unlocks moe possibilities mid-project

Canva’s overlay tooltip unlocks moe possibilities mid-project

Canva's mobile app prompts unique-looking tooltips

When editing an image Canva prompts a unique overlay tooltip to point at different tools users can try in their projects. Although the overlay is quite large, it is transparent Users can tap anywhere on the screen to close the overlay, or tap on the circled element to discover more. 

canva tooltip mobile
canva mobile app tooltip

Why it’s great:

Unique design - Canva’s overlay tooltip isn’t quite like a regular tooltip. It has a geomotrical and transparent design which makes it a lot more fun than a regular overlay. 

Contextual - While similar apps prefer to run a walkthrough when users first log in, Canva introduces certain features when there is a higher possibility that users will actually use the features. This makes understanding a lot easier and the onboarding process more functional.

Skippable - Canva’s overlay tooltip isn’t just skippable but also skippable in a “tap anywhere” manner. Not having to perfectly locate a close button and tap on it is a relief for the majority of the users.