Canva reminds users of its built-in functions

Canva reminds users of its built-in functions

Canva prompts slideout modal to remind users of its share function.

Canva uses a slideout modal upon users taking a screenshot of their design, saying instead of a screenshot, they can simply share their design with a link. The link is also displayed inside the modal for users to start sharing designs the better way, right away.

Why it's great:

Contextual - Because the modal is prompted upon a user action, it is much more likely that the user will remember to share instead of screenshooting the next time.

Cool UX pattern & design - The choice to use a slideout modal instead of full screen or something smaller is obviously a conscious one, and the image adds more engagement to the modal.

Actually helpful - Canva doesn't prompt the modal. forthe sake of prompting it, but tries to be actually helpful by putting the link and a "copy" button inside the modal.