Canva’s campaign modal is more inviting than ever

Canva’s campaign modal is more inviting than ever

Canva makes its campaign modal fun and engaging with good copy and gifs.

Canva prompts a free trial Canva Pro campaign modal when a new user clicks on the “create a design” button. The modal blurs the rest of the page and features a fun gif to make the offer even more appealing.

Why it’s great:

Disruptive, but great timing - Because the modal is prompted when a user clicks on a button to perform an action within the app, it is a risky modal. However, it is also worth the risk, since the very time the modal appears is when a user decides they want to do something using te tool. They might as well try the pro for free.

Visual support - The gif gives the modal a more convincing andfun vibe, which makes the users engage with it more easily.

Good copy and formatting - The modal lists all the main benefits of the Pro plan, using tiny icons, short copy and great formatting. This way, users can easily see the benefits by just skimming.