Candu’s in-app guide uses gifs to full potential

Candu’s in-app guide uses gifs to full potential

Candu's content studio features fun guides with gifs and images.

When using Candu’s content studio, users are prompted with a short six-step guide that makes great use of gifs. Although the guide is not interactive, thanks to the gifs, users get to see each action and element in use.

Why it’s great:

Short and precise - As the guide has lerss than eight steps, the maximum amount of steps for an engaging onboarding flow, it is quite short and precise in terms of content.

Great visual support - Using gifs to cover for an interactive experience, Candu succeeds in providing great visual support. Though the gifs don’t necessarily have the same impact as interactivity, they sure make a difference.

Trackable, skipable, and focused - The guide has a progress tracker, a skip button, and the background is dimmed slightly to put the focus on the guide, which eventually improves the user experience greatly.