Calendly’s new feature onboarding features a strong CTA

Calendly’s new feature onboarding features a strong CTA

Calendly's contextual tooltip onboards users to its new feature using a mini video.

Calendly introduces its newest feature using a contextual tooltip featuring a mini video. The formatting of the copy makes it easily readable and the call to action of the button makes it more attractive for users.

calendly new feature onboarding

Why it’s great:

Contextual - Introducing new features where they are and making space for more contextual onboarding is a great practice and Calendly seems to be aware of this.

Video support - Using a video might be viewed as a burden or a way of creating more friction by onboarding experts but when used right and contextually, it can create a delightful user experience.

Strong copy and CTA - Because the cıpy is formatted so well with bulletpoints and bold letters and the CTA button has a powerful microcopy, the users are led to try out the feature more easily.