Calendly's new feature modal is persistent

Calendly's new feature modal is persistent

Calendly uses both a modal and a tooltip to onboard users to its new feature.

When the platform is first launched, the users are prompted with a new feature onboarding modal introducing the new meeting polls feature. When the modal is dismissed, users are also directed to the "create" button using a tooltip to try out the new feature.

calendly new feature modal

Why it's great:

Persistent with two different patterns - Calendly uses two different onboarding UX patterns to make sure the new feature is properly adopted, which might look kind of annoying but at the same time, since the pattern types are complimentary, it doesn't necessarily cause frustration.

Semi-contextual - Calendly being a platform that displays most of its features on its dashboard, the tooltip makes it contextual in a way.

Good visuals - The colorful image as a header to the modal makes it easer to grab the users' attention and conceptualize the new feature.