Asana’s sign-up onboarding puts users right into the workflow

Asana’s sign-up onboarding puts users right into the workflow

Asana initiates a sign-up onboarding process right after users register to the tool.

In the process, users are asked about themselves and their teams, what their job description is, and their main objective in using Asana. They are then asked to name a very fist project and add tasks to it. They are then introduced to the project views.

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Why it’s great:

Perfect for early user segmentation - It is important to know as much as possible about users for segmentation and Asana knows that early sign-up period is the perfect time. It collects quite a few information to make it easier for the users and also have access to some sort of user demographics.

Personalized feel - Because Asana greets users by first name, it is quite a personal feel. Moreover, the tone of the copy is definitely friendly and fun.

Good essential features promotion right off the bat - One of the best features of Asana is its many project views. After getting the users to create a project, it also shows them how they can view the project the way they like.