Asana’s feature modal looks fun and reads well

Asana’s feature modal looks fun and reads well

Asana's feature promotion is prompted to show users features in a quick manner.

Asana uses a modal to explain the capabilities of their inbox within the tool. The modal features little to no copy which makes the modal more digestible. The gifs and images for each function works well for viual learners too.

feature modal asana

Why it’s great:

No copy, no cry - The modal having almost no copy apart from the function titles makes it easily digestible. 

Gifs and images support learning - For visual learners and for others likewise, Asana imploying visual support makes a great contribution to learning the inbox feature’s functions.

Good UX pattern preference - Making the inbox onboarding a modal instead of jumping users around seperate screens and directing them with tooltips is a good decision Asana made as users get to see and understand the functions just as well with a modal.