Amplitude’s contextual tooltip is actually helpful‍

Amplitude’s contextual tooltip is actually helpful‍

Amplitude uses contextual tooltips to let users know how to make the workflow easier and more efficient.

While the user uses a segmentation feature the Amplitude app prompts a contextual tooltip that recommends the user gives something else a try. The tooltip is non-disruptive and features a “no thanks” button as well as a close button.

amplitude contextual tooltip

Why it’s great:

Non-disruptive - Being a pretty small tooltip, the prompted feature option doesn’t really disrupt the users workflow.

Helpful - The tooltip doesn’t force users to try out a new feature or gets them to read too much copy; it is prompted purely to help in a situation where the work can be completed more efficiently.

Skippable - Having both a skip button and a close button, Amplitude’s tooltip doubles its effectiveness by being easily skippable.