Adobe Illustrator’s welcome modal is a great holistic view

Adobe Illustrator’s welcome modal is a great holistic view

Using a full-screen modal to announce updates and welcome new users, Adobe Illustrator does a good job with new user and new feature onboarding.

Adobe Illustrator uses a full-screen welcome modal to introduce the tool and what’s new with it while also offering a holistic view of its capabilities from the get-go. The modal has 5 steps, but to avoid the feeling that it takes too long, Adobe uses no progress bar or different screens and instead has the whole process take place in the modal.

adobe illustrator welcome modal

Why it’s great:

Good UX element choice - By using a full-screen modal and keeping the entire process inside, Adobe Illustrator annoys the users a lot less and actually lets them get more value out of the onboarding process.

Concise copy - The copy for the modal in all its tabs is written to be very short and concise, making it a lot more likely that users will actually read them and adopt the new features.

Cool visuals - The visuals used in the modal helps visual learners immensely while also setting a more fun tone for the onboarding, thanks to which users might choose to stick around longer.