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Product Tour


Product tours are UI elements designed to ease the initial user journey of first-time users with a quick walkthrough.

8 User Onboarding Metrics You Have to Track for Better Results

In this article, I will talk about how you can measure SaaS onboarding effectiveness, how some metrics make this process more efficient, and how you can apply them. 

What Is Digital Adoption and How Can It Help Your Business Grow?

In this article, I will explain the need for a comprehensive digital adoption process and why end users need to familiarize themselves with all the tools to fully utilize it.

How to Create the Best Product Onboarding Checklists (4 Examples)

In this article, we are going to understand how you can efficiently use these checklists as a tool for enhancing your client onboarding experience.

UX/UI Hotspots - A Key Part of Your User Onboarding Flows

In this article, we will look into what hotspots are, some cool examples, and how you can create hotspots.

7 Steps in the New Customer Onboarding Process Explained

In this article, let's try to understand what new customer onboarding is and how it should be executed step by step for the greater good of customers.

8 Different Types of User Onboarding UX You Should Know

In this article, I will explain some of the most frequently used types of user onboarding UX with familiar examples of onboarding UX patterns and user journeys.

What a Successful User Onboarding Looks Like in 2022

In this article, we will look into these variables and criteria to try and define a successful onboarding experience for SaaS businesses and others in today's world of onboarding.

6 Steps to Create a Product Tour to Perfect User Onboarding

In this article, I will explain what product tours are and how you can improve your product tours to get better ROI and user engagement scores.

What Is an Aha Moment and How Is It Crucial for Your Growth

Aha moments are required for your users to recognize the value of your product in the shortest time. We will look deep into what, why, and how in this article.

10 Steps to Create the Best Onboarding Videos with Examples

In this article, we are talking about what an onboarding video is, why they matter, and how you can start out with them in 10 steps.

Guide to Onboarding User Flows + 3 Amazing Examples

In this article, we'll go over onboarding flows as onboarding flows are all about visualizing what you'll experience; let's check out some examples. 

What is User Onboarding? (the REAL definition with examples)

In this article, I'll explain what user onboarding exactly is and how you should change the way you look at it, for improving your chances of success in having successful and loyal users.

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