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Hilal Yıldırım

Ways to Improve a User Onboarding - 14 best practices

Half of the people return a product when they don't understand how it works.Still, people tend to underestimate the power of a highly effective user onboarding process. This is mainly because creating a user onboarding flow is not difficult.In other words, they confuse easy with unimportant.But having simple product tours won't be enough.

What Is the Product Adoption Curve and How Is It Important?

In this article, I will dig deep into "The Product Adoption Curve" theory: What it is, how it was invented and how this theory can be used in SaaS.

Who Owns User Onboarding (hint: there is no user onboarding specialist)

In this article, I will talk about whether there is a team or person that can handle user onboarding alone and why the answer is no.

What Is (New) Feature Onboarding and How to Build One for Success

Let's take a look at the new feature onboarding—which is a big MUST to reveal the true value of your product or service to your users.

10 Steps to Create the Best Onboarding Videos with Examples

Video onboarding is a very helpful practice that runs to users' aid when they are tired of reading long, long, long texts

5 Great (and Awful) User Onboarding Experiences to Set an Example

In this article, I'll go over a few user onboarding experiences to help inspire you for your next design. I'll start with the least-satisfying ones and go all the way to my all-time favorites.

Getting Started with Customer Onboarding in 2022

The customer onboarding process should be just like the book that allures you to a point where you cannot abandon it anymore (theoretically speaking!).

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