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Ece Cakanel

Ece is a creative content writer and enjoys writing and researching about UX, design, and other topics surrounding onboarding.

Best Product Tour Examples for Better User Experience

Product tours are interactive guides that help users learn how to use a software product and its features. They are a powerful way to improve user experience, engagement, and retention. Product tours can also reduce user frustration, confusion, and support requests.

Who is an Onboarding Specialist? 

Today, attracting and retaining top talent is a constant battleground. While the recruitment process plays a crucial role in identifying and hiring the best candidates, the journey doesn't end there. 

10 Best Digital Adoption Platforms - Top Choices For Your Needs

Today in this article I am going to make sure that you can see the perks that come along with Digital Adoption Tools and give you a hand-selected set of the best Digital Adoption tools that give you the feature to meet your custom business needs.

Customer Onboarding Ideas: Innovative Approaches for Better Retention

We will provide examples of successful implementations and the benefits of adopting these approaches, helping readers to apply these strategies to their businesses.

Onboarding UI - 7 examples and 4 quick tips for success

This article will help you understand how to design an onboarding process regarding the user interface.

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